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Your business needs a website, to market your goods and services and act as a point of information and communication.

Provided you have some confidence and a little understanding, you can build an inexpensive “starter” website yourself , but as soon as you need to be able to configure it for search engines to recognise or use it for any kind of transaction, the cost can soar and to get it looking right and doing all you need it to do takes time. Attention to detail is the key.

I can build you a website for a fixed, extremely competitive price.

I can do this because I plan with you properly, agree with with carefully and work efficiently. You can specify exactly what you want as part of a free consultation.

Websites need to be hosted - they need to exist on someone’s powerful server. It can be hard to find a reliable, inexpensive host and this is where many web-builders will overcharge. I can host your website or will identify the right low-cost hosting company for you.

I can maintain and back-up your website and provide and manage associated email addresses.

Your website can be built so that you have absolute control over the finished product - no more being “held to ransom” by expensive and non-responsive companies. I use powerful, well-respected creation tools such as Wordpress and Serif Webplus to build my websites and industry-standard diagnostic tools to test them.

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